Daniel Bergo

Photographer + Retoucher

Nuclear Spring, Heysham, Lancashire
Nuclear Spring, Hinkley Point, Somerset
Nuclear Spring, Bradwell, Essex
Nuclear Spring, Hartlepool, County Durham
Nuclear Spring, Sellafield, Cumbria
Nuclear Spring, Sizewell, Suffolk
Nuclear Spring, Oldbury, Gloucestershire
Nuclear Spring, Wylfa, Anglesey, North Wales

Heysham, Lancashire

Hinkley Point, Somerset

Bradwell, Essex

Hartlepool, County Durham

Sellafield, Cumbria

Sizewell, Suffolk

Oldbury, Gloucestershire

Wylfa, Anglesey, North Wales


On the 18th October 2010 The British Government announced the suitability of eight sites across England and Wales for future nuclear energy production. This project examines the landscape in a transitional phase, altered from its current state into sites of future energy production. The purpose of the project is to invite to an open debate about nuclear energy, without fear of radiation as the centre of discussion, but humanity’s joint need for low carbon energy.